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We have loaner paddles and balls free of charge for beginner lessons and drills.  Just ask at the front desk.

We also offer private lessons.  Call us to book private an semi-private lessons with a pro.

Intro to Pickleball

This is a one-off intro to pickleball class for pure beginners.  The class is a one-hour session where the instructor will introduce players to the game, including rules and scoring—Max 6 players per court.  A beginner-level Open Play session follows the Saturday lesson.

Register below or call us to book (630-931-0110)

Pickleball Quickstart

Quickstart is a weekly pickleball class for new players.  Each class is one hour long.  The instructor will pick up where the "Intro to Pickleball" class ended.  Players will continue developing skills and reinforce the rules (and scoring).  A minimum of 4 players are needed for the class to run, with a max of 8 players.

Register below or call us to book (630-931-0110)

Cardio Pickleball

Get ready to take your fitness routine to new heights as you engage in a dynamic and energetic workout that combines the intensity of a heart-pumping cardio session with the excitement of pickleball.

Led by our experienced and motivating instructors, each Cardio Pickle session is set to high-energy music, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere that will energize you throughout the class. You'll engage in various drills, exercises, and tennis-based activities that will have you constantly moving, sweating, and pushing your limits.

Register below or call us to book (630-931-0110)

Drill and Play

Come join us for a weekly "Drill and Play" session! Each week, we will learn technique and a specific pickleball skill, then incorporate it into a drill. There will be time at the end for point play and practicing the technique and skills learned. Grab your paddle, and let's have some fun! 

Register below or call us to book (630-931-0110)

Dink and Destroy

Part drill, part mini-games.  Each week we'll focus on a specific pickleball skill, shot, or strategy.  No two classes are ever the same!

Register below or call us to book (630-931-0110)

Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons:  $70/hr members, $80/hr non-members

Semi-private lessons:  $35/hr members, $40/hr non-members

Pro+3 private lessons: $20/hr members, $25/hr non-members

Prices are per player.

Book private lessons by calling us at (630-931-0110)

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